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The National Association of Asian American Professionals, Detroit Chapter  is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to promote and support the professional advancement and leadership…

Our Mission

  • Cultivate and empower leaders for professional excellence.
  • Connect accomplished professionals for mutual success.
  • Engage and participate with the community-at-large.

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Come join and support the fastest growing premier Pan-Asian organization in North America dedicated to promoting career advancement and leadership development of professionals.

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NAAAP Detroit aims for strong ongoing partnerships with the local business community, cultural organizations and government/public organizations to maximize a mutual beneficial partnership.

NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow Session “Emerging Careers: First Steps” Will Help You Draw a Framework for Finding Your Career Path

NAAAP Detroit

On October 13 at 11a.m., NAAAP Detroit will host a Learn & Grow session focusing on the steps you will need to take to stay relevant as careers emerge and disappear, whether that means transforming your current position, obtaining a new position in your current company, or helping to create a position new to the entire industry…

September 25, 2018                              Details >

A Symphony of “Learn and Grow”

Jamie Hsu
NAAAP Detroit Advisor

I attended an invigorating NAAAP Learn and Grow workshop on “Creativity and Problem Solving”. The whole event was well orchestrated and filled with fun, learning, team bonding, and creative solutions. This beautiful symphony has 4 distinctive movements…

July 17, 2018                              Details >

07/14/2018 NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow 2018 Session III

07/14/2018 Video: NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow 2018 Session III

03/24/2018 NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow 2018 Session II

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