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It’s about you, your busy lifestyle and desire to be part of an organization that represents your career and community interests.

NAAAP members are:

Membership to NAAAP is available through local chapters including NAAAP Detroit.  Your membership is transferable, so if you move to a new city, your NAAAP membership moves with you too!  Please join us to learn more about the new Detroit Chapter!

For more information about NAAAP Detroit membership, please contact NAAAP Detroit at  [email protected].

Career Driven

If your career is holding your attention at the moment then NAAAP is a great professional networking environment and a way for you to advance your career. Through our Professional Development workshops, we expose you to other possible career choices, provide you the tools that every Asian American needs in today’s workplace.

Some of our workshops are for the new employee with workshops covering a variety of topics, and advanced workshops are more practical.   NAAAP will be presenting a slew of practical professional development workshops throughout the whole year.

Community Driven

Asian Americans as a group are quite successful in terms of education, financial gain, employment and material wealth but where we are weak are in our own communities.

Communities are shaped by the voices that are the most vocal, opinionated or the most eloquent. Your voice can be by what you say or do and when it is recognized, that ultimately leads to representation.

If you are an Asian American, you are a representative of the Asian American community in the eyes of everyone else. Assimilation does not mean the abandonment of your culture or your heritage, it means bringing your culture and heritage into what is mainstream America and building a community around it.

NAAAP, through its many volunteer and charity efforts, engages Asian Americans into the community.


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