October 7, 2019

Jim Lee
Senior Consultant, GiANT Worldwide

Jim Lee’s leadership experience emerged from traditional large corporate top down management. During his 11 years working for several Fortune 10 telecommunications companies, he strove to bring out the best in his teams through empowerment and organizational health.  Jim’s success proved counter culturally that great accomplishments can come as a byproduct of secure, confident, and humble employees that were lead by influence, not positional power.

Currently, Jim enjoys multiplying positive team culture and changing the way people lead through GiANT Worldwide as a senior consultant.  His clients include employees from large tech, nonprofit organization, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small business.

Outside of GiANT, Jim volunteers his time with several nonprofit organizations, helping spread an empowering leadership culture in different communities.  Jim and his wife, Jane, enjoy investing in each other and traveling on road trips across the country.  They also celebrate life as much as possible with their 19-month daughter Charlotte, born on Valentine’s Day last year.  The family can often be found walking their feisty dog Mady in the evenings, building relationships and community with their neighbors.

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