June 25, 2019

Message from Ann Hong, Membership Committee Chair and Board Member

By Ann Hong, NAAAP Detroit Membership Committee Chair

The summer is here, so is our summer edition of Newsletter. I’ve been looking forward to this edition, as there are so many exciting happenings at NAAAP Detroit. As your New Membership chair this year, I will focus on the membership updates!

First and foremost, I’m very pleased to welcome long time NAAAP member Angelina Lai, who has graciously agreed to take on Membership Co-chair responsibilities. We will work as a tag team to serve our members.

Now joining NAAAP Detroit has never been so easy. Starting late May, you can join our membership online. Even better, you can also pay online. Simply click our Membership Webpage, and it takes about 3 minutes from start to finish, and it could be one of the most beneficial 3 minutes that you spend online. In addition, NAAAP Detroit $50 Lifetime membership is probably one of your best investment in your life. 

As a volunteer organization, NAAAP Detroit won’t succeed without active member involvements and contribution. Thanks to our Membership Committee member Shanthi Subbiah to help creating the google form, thanks our President Taoqu Chen to set up PayPal account, and much appreciation to our Communication Chair Sharon Dow to make this accessible to all.

While NAAAP National has been helping promotion of Asian professionals for more than 30 years, NAAAP Detroit is only 3-year-young. We’ve been going strong, but we can grow stronger. We encourage you to spread the words and invite your friends and coworkers to join. You could be our Membership Champion, an award that our Committee will award to the person who helped most numbers of members to join NAAAP Detroit in 2019.  

Probably about 100 days a year, I’m on the road for business, so I had to miss seeing many NAAAP members. How do I get to know our members more? Recently, I decided to send out an email to ask members to update their information, and thanks to everyone who responded so far, as I learned how talented, inspiring and diversified our members are.  I think that maybe you would like to know more about them too, so we created a Meet Fellow Members page in our website. Please check it out!

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