Meet the NAAAP Detroit Team 2016-2017

The Team 2016-2017 served as the Founding Committee to establish this premier Association of Asian American Professionals in the Greater Detroit area. In the short two years since our founding, the team had recruited many talented leaders and produced a strong organization with unique programming relevant to our membership. As the Founding President Ke Zhang-Miske (Coco) moved on to her new career in California, the NAAAP Detroit Team was full of hope that the good thing Coco had started here in Detroit would continue to thrive and blossom, benefiting our members and our communities as we committed to learning, growing, contributing and celebrating each other’s successes as an authentic community.  (December 31, 2017)

NAAAP Detroit Chapter President 2016-2017

Coco Zhang-Miske (Founder and President 2016-2017)

Thank-you message from Inaugural Annual Meeting (December 1, 2017)

I want to offer an enthusiastic “Thank You!” for joining the National Association of Asian American Professionals Detroit Chapter Inaugural Annual Meeting! Your support helped make the event a great success and your attendance was a wonderful public demonstration of support for our shared values. Our team worked so very hard on this event and it was truly meaningful to see you there with us!

It is that generous support and participation by individuals and organizations like you that will allow us to succeed in our mission of developing pan-Asian professionals as leaders in both business and community.

Thanks again for generously supporting our efforts to augment and engage with the exceptional community here in Greater Detroit and Southeast Michigan. We look forward to seeing you in person at our future events!

Sincerely Yours,
Ke Zhang-Miske (Coco)

Advisor Board

Asim Alavi
Tai Chan
Betty Chu
Dominic Pangborn
Julie Xiong
Kun Zhong

Strategy Board

Denise Yee Grim
Joe Grimm
David Han
Jamie Hsu (Strategy Board President)
Andrew Humphrey
Roland Hwang
Soraya Kim
Scott Low
Sook Wilkinson

Executive Officers


VP of Secretary:             

Taoqu Chen


Kan Sun

VP of Communication & Membership

Sharon Dow

Committee Member
Albert Emery (Communication)
Yasmine Moor (Membership)
Vice Sun (Volunteer)
Anastasia Vang (Volunteer)

VP of Professional and Education Development

Vince Mercader
Henry Tanaka

VP of Marketing and Sponsorship

Jocelyn Chen

VP of Community Outreach & Arts

Ann Hong
Joori Jung

VP of Program & Events

Nicole Chen

Committee Member
Sivaram Yarlagadda