May 4, 2019

Learn & Grow Session II: A Participative Brainstorming Workshop on Trending Topics Produces Treasure-trove of Passionate Ideas!

DETROIT, MI – On April 28, 2019, the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) Detroit Chapter held Session II of Learn & Grow Series at the Plymouth District Library. In this Participative Brainstorming Workshop, members and guests enthusiastically participated to identify topics of foremost interest and importance to our APA professionals and young adults. The workshop provided excellent learning opportunity by doing, and the excellent ideas generated will help shape the Program for NAAAP Detroit 2019 Signature Event: Community Conversations to be held in the Fall. The workshop session was led by David Han, Education & Career Development Chair, with supporting facilitation by Board Member Dr. Sook Wilkinson, and table discussions facilitated by NAAAP-Detroit leaders Taoqu Chen, Temuulen Johnson, and Roland Hwang.

The brainstorming workshop generated a diverse range of topics important to both APA community and as professionals in general including:

  • Developing one’s voice and taking ownership of your narrative;
  • Effectively collaborating as unified an APA community for greater visibility and impact in areas of shared interest;
  • Sharing entrepreneurial leadership stories and mentoring;
  • Discovering one’s passion and developing skills to pursue them to fruition;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills for navigating effectively across cultures, especially in situations involving conflict – at work and at home.

We applaud and thank the participants for a truly rich output of vital topics with which to develop our Signature Event: Community Conversations.  Special thanks to Plymouth District Library for providing a most welcoming venue free of charge, and to MAPAAC for underwriting the Learn & Grow Series in 2019.

NAAAP Detroit program events provide excellent opportunity to learn and also meet professionals in the Greater Detroit area, as well as connect with the broader Asian American professionals network throughout North American through the umbrella organization with 33 chapters throughout North America. Check out for more information and to join the community.

NAAAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and leading organization in North America that cultivates and empowers Asian leaders through professional development, community service, and networking.  NAAAP has a long tradition in the US and Canada, and there is dynamic energy and enthusiasm for the future of NAAAP Detroit Chapter. NAAAP Detroit Chapter encourages members and friends to join to provide and experience leadership and professional development programs and service experiences to grow personally and to contribute to the growth of others in NAAAP and where they work and live.  Go to and for more information.

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