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​August 20, 2019

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Let’s Get Ready for NAAAP Detroit Election of Officers 2020-2021!

DETROIT, MI – The current NAAAP Detroit officers’ terms are ending at the end of 2019. Kudos to you the officers, operations team, members, and friends for a year of great leadership, programs and progress.

The Nomination/Election Committee, comprised of Roland Hwang, Sook Wilkinson, and Taoqu Chen, plans to lead the nomination and election process consistent with the bylaws. 

Get ready to nominate or self-nominate for the open seats – President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. All it takes is a cover letter, resume, and 2 recommendation letters from NAAAP Detroit members sent to the Committee, due by October 6. As indicated in the timeline, the slate of candidates will be finalized at the October 9 board meeting, e-voting will commence on October 12 and end on November 10. Results are announced on November 13.

Contact Nomination/Election Committee for further information.


Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Announce the officer election process at the Operations Team meeting.

Thursday September 12 – Sunday October 6
The Nomination/Election Committee accepts nominations for the four open seats – President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Sunday, October 6
Cover letter, resume and 2 recommendations from NAAAP Detroit members due.

Wednesday, October 9
At the October 9 board meeting, the Nomination/Election Committee finalizes the slate of candidates.

Sunday, October 12
The Nomination/Election Committee sends out the slate via email to the entire membership for an electronic vote. Voting commences.

Sunday, November 10
E-voting closes at 11:59pm.

Wednesday, November 13
Announce the election results at the Operations Team Meeting.

Saturday, December 7
NAAAP Detroit annual meeting. Announce and introduce the new officers to the membership and celebrate NAAAP Detroit’s success.

Submit a Nomination to: [email protected]

Visit: NAAAP Detroit By-Laws

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