March 27, 2018

NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow Series 2018 Session II Held on March 24: “Building Our Personal Brand”

DETROIT, MI – “Building Our Personal Brand,” a workshop designed to help professionals positioning and building meaningful personal brands to enhance career and personal development, was held on March 24th at the Bloomfield Township Library.  The workshop is part of the signature Learn & Grow series organized by the Detroit chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP).

Featured speaker is Jamie Hsu, a former GM executive and currently an adjunct professor at Lawrence Technological University, specializing in strategic management, leadership development, technology management, innovation, and global collaboration.  He began the workshop with a presentation explaining what “personal brand” is and what role it plays in one’s professional and personal life.  Through small group sessions and lively interaction with the audience, Jamie guided everyone through the process of building one’s personal brand using case studies of four volunteers.  The process entails the understanding and alignment of private, public and aspirational brand attributes.  At the end of the session, Jamie encouraged all participants to be open to all types of brand feedback, especially the negative ones which are essential in building an authentic personal brand.

NAAAP Detroit would like to express its gratitude to the panelists and members who made the event a success. We hope that more members will be able to join us for the coming L&G events. More details will be available soon at

The mission of NAAAP-Detroit,, is to cultivate, empower and connect leaders for professional excellence and to engage the community.

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