July 16, 2018

NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow Series 2018 Session III Held on July 14: “The Creative Process and its Application in Problem Solving”

DETROIT, MI – “The Creative Process and its Application in Problem Solving” workshop, part of the signature Learn & Grow series organized by the Detroit chapter of the National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP Detroit), was held on July 14th at the Office Coffee Shop in Royal Oak.

The workshop was led by the dPOP! team and two veterans in the visual arts industry, Henry Tanaka and Jocelyn Chen.  It began with a presentation on the design process utilized by dPOP! to create some of the most exciting workspaces across various industries, followed by presentations on the automotive design process and the creative process used by ceramic artists.  Though variations exist, there are common threads among the processes.  Through small group sessions, the audience was able to apply the essence of the creative process to come up with ideas to solve real world problems ranging from real estate to social and educational issues.

NAAAP Detroit would like to express its gratitude to the panelists and members who made the event a success.  We hope that more members will be able to join us for the upcoming events. More details will be available soon at

The mission of NAAAP-Detroit, is to cultivate, empower and connect leaders for professional excellence and to engage the community.

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