October 13, 2018

NAAAP Detroit Learn & Grow Series Presented Emerging Careers: A Framework for Finding Your Career Path

DETROIT, MI – National Association of Asian American Professionals-Detroit Chapter (NAAAP Detroit) presented Emerging Careers: A Framework for Finding Your Career Path, on October 13, 2018. In the spirit of NAAAP, we utilize our members to share their expertise. As so with this event, members Kelly Perez-Vargara and Yahang Zhang, gave a great seminar on creating your own path in our everchanging culture where we face elimination of jobs and the reality of emerging careers due to advances in technology.

Yahang started the session with an icebreaker game that went over some facts of disappearing jobs and the new careers that are on the horizon. Kelly Perez shared her story and how she navigated though organizations. She explained how she developed her skillsets and showcased these assets to her organization. She named the four ”N” tenets to help your career: naming, norming, negotiating and networking. She also capitalized on the importance of mentorship and how it was so important in her career. It was a very informative interactive seminar with about 20 members.

Taoqu Chen, NAAAP’s Detroit Chapter President closed the event with a thank you to all the participants. She thought it was an ideal segue for the Signature Event coming up on November 10th called Community Conversations: Emerging Careers. The event will be held at the Quicken Loans building in downtown Detroit with Keynote Speaker Linglong He, CIO Quicken Loans and Chris Groscurth, author of Future-Ready Leadership: Strategies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The mission of NAAAP-Detroit is to cultivate, empower and connect leaders for professional excellence and to engage the community.  We welcome more members and friends to join us for the future L&G events.  More details will be available soon at

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