September 18, 2017

Phyllis Mazure

MALLP; Creative Cross Cultural Life Coach

After spending an active growing up period, I entered Denison University on scholarship in 1956. Finishing College at Albion with degrees in English and Art, I entered the teaching profession. Taking a job in my minor, marrying a doctor, and having two children were delightful challenges.

Outside the home, life revolved around tennis, bridge, gardening, cooking, and taking courses in art for a Masters. However, the Masters degree did not come in art but in Psychology 20 years later. Upon graduation, I worked as a clinical psychologist with a subspecialty in addictions for 26 years. In my practice I incorporated the use of creativity and expression through art. This was done through testing and the encouragement of outside expression. I also did a great deal of public speaking and hosted workshops, particularly through our church activities and my husband’s hospital.

Through my younger married years, I sat on various boards associated with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, our children’s schools, Cranbrook Art Academy, and the Junior League of Birmingham. I have also had the privilege of being a Deacon and an Elder in my church and continue to be active there.

Throughout my life I have had great pleasure in helping my friends with decorating, gardening design, art and the use of art in the home and in the business. Art continues to be important to me as well as the comradeship of my friends and fellow workers on various boards of the Village Club. I recently joined the ArtLab J Board which is a Dance Group in Detroit with a wonderful future.

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